Foot Spa & Nail Salon

Posh Nail Bar ’s first-and-only specialty foot spa and premier nail salon, focusing on the luxurious and therapeutic care of your feet and spirit.

As you enter Posh Nail Bar you are enveloped by the finest aromatherapy essences and soothed by tranquil and serene music. Everywhere, there are fine, elegant furnishings and fresh imported orchids, beautifully displayed.

You are pampered in your very own private alcove, where you can view your personal flat screen TV and relax in the lounge area. Specialty and exotic hot/cold teas, sodas and sparkling waters await to refresh you.

As your body reposes and your spirit relaxes, highly skilled Nail Technicians, devoted to your personal care and complete satisfaction, rejuvenate your feet and hands.

Your Health and Safety FIRST

At our foot spa and nail salon, your health and safety comes FIRST.

- Your Client Profile alerts your Posh Nail Bar Technician to any allergies or medical issues you may have.
- Basin soaks and lavations eliminate bacterial problems associated with jet spas.
- Rigorous sterilization and sanitizing procedures are done after each client treatment and at the end of each day.
- The spa air is constantly purified to reduce impurities.
- Conscientious and professional, your Posh Nail Bar Nail Technician follows all procedures to the letter.